We begin the process by learning everything we can about what is important to you.
Often, it enables our clients to become aware of important aspects of their financial condition they had not considered. Once completed, together, we’ll have developed a comprehensive plan that will highlight all your goals and objectives.



Understanding each of our client’s unique financial situations and different needs is crucial to effectively planning for their objectives before and during retirement.  Gathering information such as income, savings, and living expenses, allows us to know where our clients are in their current situation and more importantly, use this information to prepare and plan to get them where they want to be in their retirement.


Once we’ve determined your financial goals and objectives, we will conduct a thorough analysis of your finances. Using specialized software for retirement planning, the analysis will show whether your goals and objectives are realistic and can be met under current circumstances. It will also help determine whether you will need to consult with other specialists, such as a notary for wills and mandates or a tax lawyer to create a trust.




We all have unique dreams and goals, so why should you rely on a cookie-cutter approach. We put together an investment and retirement plan that is as unique as your situation. In addition, we regularly meet with you to review not only our results, but to revise and update your plan to reflect life’s constantly changing realities.

WEALTH preservator

Sometimes holding on to our wealth can be harder than it’s accumulation. We’ll work just as hard to protect your wealth as we did to help you grow it. We believe in establishing a solid foundation upon which to build your nest egg. We all want the best returns possible, but we, at Myriad Private Wealth, don’t believe we should chase returns and assume any unnecessary risk.




We understand that your business is the culmination of your life’s work, so we’ll work with you to ensure its prosperity. Through our disciplined investment philosophy coupled with our comprehensive market research, we work to grow the fruits of your labour while making sure to try and avoid any pitfalls. Our tax-efficient investment strategies will also help reduce your company’s tax exposure and allow you to keep more of what you earn.


It is imperative to ensure that clients estate planning is maximized. Informing your heirs about your wishes at death isn’t enough to validate the proper distribution of your wealth.  Myriad Private Wealth has a team of legal experts that they work with to help clients prepare themselves in case of unforeseen events. A protection mandate in the event of a disability will give power to a trusted person to make decisions for you. A properly drafted will can save a family a tremendous amount of money and headaches during the liquidation process. We make sure our clients are well structured and surrounded to have the most financially sound estate plan possible.




Clients are met on a regular basis to review their retirement plan and investment accounts. The goal is not only to review, re-balance or re-structure, the goal is to make sure that the client’s needs have not changed since previous meetings. We live in a fast-paced world and goals and needs can change at a moment’s notice. Myriad Private Wealth prides themselves on being available to clients as they need and most importantly review their plans regularly.

family and friends

In appreciation of our client’s confidence and trust, Myriad Private Wealth extends the progression sequence to families and friends to make sure that circles of influence are well taken care of. Our doors are open to help, guide and advise clients’ friends and family in making the best financial decisions in the quest to attain their retirement goals.