A dream written down becomes a GOAL.
A goal broken down into steps becomes a PLAN.

A plan backed by action becomes REALITY.


At Myriad Private Wealth, we utilize appropriate strategies and help you understand how to achieve your goals and live your dreams.  Our process allows us to uncover opportunities, and enables us to make strategic financial recommendations.  

Our goal is to help our clients avoid potential pitfalls by utilizing our comprehensive service offering. 

Once our clients have a full analysis completed, they will have a much clearer sense of where they are going and how they are going to get there.

Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.

– Warren Buffet


Because money doesn’t come with instructions.


At Myriad Private Wealth, we look at every client uniquely and understand that they each have their own goals and values.  We believe that each client also looks at their wealth and investments in their own special way. Building a solid portfolio that properly identifies with each of our client’s risk tolerance and goals is the core of our foundation.  Once this is well understood, we structure our portfolios to help grow your nest egg with a well-diversified asset mix in different market sectors. Using effective capital preservation strategies allows us to provide consistent annual returns while minimizing volatility.


Taxes present themselves in all aspects of our client’s financial situations.  A solid plan cannot be built for our clients without understanding the taxable impacts on different areas such as; Non-registered investments, withdrawing from registered accounts, or estate planning vehicles to reduce taxable liabilities.  Myriad Private Wealth will identify these areas for our clients, and will also recommend speaking to our network of tax experts to put in place different tax structures such as trusts, holding companies, foundations, and individual pension plans. 

Investments are a matter of opinion. Taxes are a matter of fact.
Planning is bringing the future into the present.


Through our disciplined investment philosophy coupled with our comprehensive market research, we work to grow the fruits of your labour while making sure to avoid any possible pitfalls. We believe in establishing a solid foundation upon which to build your nest egg. We all want the best returns possible, but we, at Myriad Private Wealth, don’t believe we should chase returns and assume any unnecessary risk.  In addition, we regularly meet with you to review not only our results, but to revise and update your plan to reflect life’s constantly changing realities. 


Estate planning is bringing the past, the present and the future together. Without a sound estate plan today, investors run the risk of jeopardizing the wealth that they have accumulated over time. Our goal at Myriad Private Wealth is to ensure that our clients have a properly drafted will, a protection mandate as well as rigorous tax planning. Our common goal is to avoid having your assets fall into the hands of unwanted parties. To achieve this, we surround ourselves with a team of notaries, accountants, actuaries, fiscalists, and lawyers. 

A team of professionals at your service to meet your needs.

Your employees are your most important resource.


We help business owners optimize their employee retention programs. We focus on helping companies implement group insurance benefits and group annuity plans for their employees.